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What should I make?

March 10, 2019

I’m a Windows .NET developer. Over the last five years I’ve been making lots of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI applications hosted in Microsoft Azure, but its usually the backend where I do my work. So my normal goto would be to create a new MVC project and pop it onto an Azure WebApp. That seems to be a bit unnecessary for a site that isn’t very dynamic.

Instead, I’m going to create a static site. This will mean I’ll have to learn a stack - frontend - and technology I’m not very familiar with. And by making it static, it should mean the requirements to host it should be low and therefore cheaper.

Asking the frontend specialists at work, they suggested I take a look at Gatsby. Its based on React.js and uses Webpack and GraphQL, so lots of cool and modern stuff to learn 😀

In the future, the site might turn into a Dockerized React.js site, just so I can learn something else, but this is fine for now.

However, before I can do that, I need to setup my hosting solution.

Written by Andrew Pattison.